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Sometimes, just contemplating a divorce is unsettling and worrisome. There are looming concerns about children, finances, and the future in general. Even after a divorce, there can be conflicts over support and visitation of the children, and some agreements need to be modified, if possible. All these concerns are genuine, whether dealing with a large estate or a simple one. Each concern needs professional attention.

Based in Houston, Texas, Burgower & Rainwater, LLP has long been recognized throughout the legal community for delivering results to clients with complex family law issues. Our law firm represents clients seeking legal advice for divorce, property settlement, child custody, child support, modifications, enforcements, and prenuptial agreements.

Quality of Client Service Is Key

With a careful eye toward quality of service over quantity of cases, we carefully manage our caseload to provide timely feedback and clear, consistent communication to our clients at all times. We feel that this approach, coupled with our policy of granting clients direct and open access to our services throughout the duration of their case, grants them peace of mind during otherwise difficult and turbulent times.

Experienced and Compassionate Counsel

Partners Wendy Burgower and Charlotte Rainwater are both certified by the Texas Board of Specialization in Family Law and are also trained in mediation and collaborative law. Associate attorney, Sara Valentine was the recipient of the prestigious Pamela E. George Family Law Award from South Texas College of Law, and has been licensed since 2007. Each attorney believes it is important to discuss in detail the nuances of mediation, collaborative law, and traditional advocacy, and explain the advantages and shortcomings of each in the area of divorce. Attorney Wendy Burgower previously served as the President-elect and Chair of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, past chair of the Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists, The Burta Rhoads Raborn Family Law American Inns of Court, and the Association of Women Attorneys, and currently serves on the board of the Texas Chapter for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Attorney Charlotte Rainwater joined the firm in 1995 as a law clerk, became licensed in 1998 and became a partner in 2005. She previously served on the Board of Directors of the Family Law Section of the Houston Bar Association. Sara Springer Valentine joined the firm in 2006 as a law clerk and became an associate attorney in 2007. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Family Law Section of the Houston Bar Association.

Our family law practice areas include:

  • Divorce and Property Settlement
    We provide divorce services for all couples,division of marital assets; large and complex marital estates; business valuation, investment and retirement accounts; community and separate property; stock options; and vacation homes.
  • Child Custody and Child Support
    Legal, physical, sole, and shared custody; child support payments; visitation schedules; decision-making responsibilities and financial obligations regarding health insurance, education/tuition, and medical expenses; parenting time.
  • Modifications, Enforcements, and Prenuptial Agreements
    Child custody modifications due to relocation; child support enforcement; prenuptial and premarital agreements; parenting time and visitation modification; modifications to increase and reduce child support.

As your determined legal advocates, we will instill in you a high level of confidence in the direction of your family law case. Please contact Burgower & Rainwater, LLP to discuss your situation with a qualified lawyer.

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